Change Toggle Switch to Lightning Bolts switch?

I have a switch to turn my TV on or off (via a Harmony Hub), but it doesn’t always show the correct on/off state.

Is it possible to change it from a toggle switch to the other type of switch with 2 separate lightning bolts? I’ve searched for quite a while and only found a way to do the opposite (change a switch with lightning bolts to a toggle switch, with ‘assumed_state: false’ )

assumed_state: true should do the trick.

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Gah, why didn’t I think of trying ‘false’?! :blush:

Thanks, that works.

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Problem I have is, if I make it false and then turn it on, it goes back to off – I even tried using a script as the assumed_state sending back a true or false if it’s actually on and that just gets stuck in an off state and then I can’t turn it on at all.

I was using the switch.command_line which doesn’t support the assumed_state … rather the command_state but I couldn’t get it to work without adding the (cough) optional settings for value_template. Now it works.

Do you have an example of that value template you could share? I’m still all lightning bolts over here.