Change unit measurement from sensor

Hey guys,

Ive got multiple temp sensor in my config, and Im adding them to a graph.
But one temp sensor (Tuya babycam) is not measured in °C (I think).
When I add that one to the graph card it shows up in a separate graph.

I changed the enties device class to ‘temperature’ and the unit of measurement to °C.
(same as the other that are working as expected)

Entity not working: (from dev tools/states)

state_class: measurement
unit_of_measurement: °C
friendly_name: Babykamer Temperatuur
icon: mdi:temperature-celsius
device_class: temperature

Entity working:

state_class: measurement
unit_of_measurement: °C
friendly_name: Woonkamer Temperatuur
device_class: temperature

Any ideas?
the graph yaml:

type: history-graph
  - entity: sensor.huis_realfeel_temperature
  - entity: sensor.living_room_temperature
  - entity: sensor.kitchen_temperature
  - entity: sensor.kids_temperature
  - entity: sensor.scullery_temperature
  - entity: sensor.sleep1_temperature
  - entity: sensor.sleep2_temperature
  - entity: sensor.garage_temperature
  - entity: sensor.basement_temperature
  - entity: sensor.babyfoon_temperature
hours_to_show: 8
refresh_interval: 0

Never mind.

Just checked it again, and now it combined the graphs.
I think the babycam needed to update its measurement for the edit to work.
Thanks anyway.

Is it possible that automations stop firing when you change entities this way?

I have several automations for the babycam temp sensor and they stopped working now.

Anyone? /10char

You should create a simple test automation and check if it works.
If it does not - this would be a simple MWE to post here and ask for a help.

Yes, thanks, good idea!
It seems the test automations worked, dont know why the other ones stopped functioning.
Updated to 2021.12.2 and all seem to be working again.