Change units for a Climate control?

Hi Everyone,
I’m in Canada, so generally use metric. as such, my global HA setting is metric, and all my tempatures for things like thermostats are set in Celcius. great.
but… I also just recently got a hot tub, and working on the wifi integration, and would love for this particular climate control to be in F rather than C.
(yea we are a little mixed in canada, most temperatures are measured in C, but things like hot tub, oven temps, and a few other things still get measured in F)

So, is there any way i can override a particular climate object to use F vs the system setting of C?

little more context, hot tub is balboa control system, got a wifi module.
using this library:

this generates some entities, including the climate entity i’m interested in seeing in F:

the work around, the pump switch entities have some additional attributes including the reported and set temp in F

so i’ve created this card for now
the temp slider is in C (climate control), but at least i can see what the F ends up being after the update.