Change update interval of MiFlora Sensor?

I’ve setup ESPHome and a ESP32 as my relay for some of my MiFlora plant sensors, however I’m wondering if theres a way to change the frequency it gets the data from the sensor?

For native HA integration, there is a scan_interval parameter which I’ve set to 21600, so it only updates ever 6 hours, therefore saving on battery.

I’d like to achieve the same for my plant sensor connected to my ESP32, however unsure how to do this?
My config is below


  - platform: xiaomi_hhccjcy01
    mac_address: 'C4:7C:8D:6C:D5:7E'
      name: "Xiaomi MiFlora Temperature"
      name: "Xiaomi MiFlora Moisture"
      name: "Xiaomi MiFlora Illuminance"
      name: "Xiaomi MiFlora Soil Conductivity"
      name: "Xiaomi MiFlora Battery Level"

Looking at the docs it seems there isn’t a way to set the interval between the actual scan cycles?

I don’t think this is possible (and I also can’t find your suggested option for the HA integration of Mi Flora).
The reason is that there is no Bluetooth pairing between the BLE receiver and the sensor. Mi Flora does an information broadcast whenever it sees fit. Whoever listens can receive and process that data. But Mi Flora does not receive any information from anybody. So there is no way for the receiver to ask for an update.