Change values of water counter not working

I have a very strange thing.

Tommor i altered the total water counter with a service call, only instad of m3 i entered in liters so the reading is way off scale. not a problem, enterd the correct value and the total reading is right.

But all my time based reading and the total reading have huge spike.

i tryed to alter this by developer → statistics and change the wrong value.
so far so good. but when looking at the historical data the spikes are stil there.
How can i solve this

historical data

and the data that has been alterd

It will eventually be purged from the recorder database (10 days by default).

I have had similar issues with another sensor, dropped to 0 and messed up my graphs/a.o.
The solution I applied was to create another sensor based on original one, and refusing/filtering spikes.

isn’t there a way to fix it some how, maybe altering the database or some what ?

Sure if you know what you are doing with SQL.

The phpMyAdmin addon will allow you to do SQL queries if running Home Assistant OS.


i think i can handle it :slight_smile: but where do i find info on what is where stored in the different tables and what purpuce do these tabels have.

This is the only info I know of: