Change words in Logbook

Is there a way to change the wording of events in the Logbook?

When the lights turn on, it says “kitchen lights turned on” which is what it should be.

But when I have a binary sensor trigger it says “front door turned on” when I really want it to say “front door opened”. How can I accomplish this?

make a template sensor that returns opened / closed. Then exclude the original binary sensor from the logbook.

Or (easier solution) in the customize section, add a device_class: opening property to the binary_sensor.

  name: Home
  unit_system: metric
  # etc

    # Add an entry for each entity that you want to overwrite.
      device_class: opening

I know this is an old post, but unless I’m missing something this does not change the words in Logbook. I have several open/close sensors. They are set up as device_class: opening, they show as open/closed in history, but in logbook they still show on/off. I’ve just grown to live with it, but it would be nice if logbook respected the states properly. I like the logbook for it’s simplicity. For me I just have presence, open/close, locks, and a few other sensors in the list. a quick look at what’s going on

Just wanted to bump this. Not sure why, other than it still bugs me, haha. I’d think by now that they’d have made these changes to respect the device class. I could create the template sensor, but just seems like a pain for the number of devices I have.

Seems like a bug. Logbook should translate based on the device_class. There is a chance that the dev’s will shut it down if you make it into an issue. Your other options is to wrap each binary_sensor into a sensor with the words open/close.

  - platform: template
        value_template: "{{ 'Open' if is_state('binary_sensor.blah','on') else 'Closed' }}"