Change Z-wave device settings programatically?

For example, I have both Inovelli and Homeseer switches that have configurable LEDs. However, they are configurable using Zwave parameters. Is there a way to trigger these values programmatically from HA/NR/AD/etc.?

Yes. ZWaveJS service calls. There’s two or three ways depending on where you are coming from.

Theres also blueprints for some devices you mentioned (the inovellis for certain) and ome folks have developed custom nodes for NR.

So can you? Yes.

How? That really depends on your preferences for automation.

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I’ve used the below script for my Inovelli switches. You can then create an automation to run the script based on whatever trigger you want. You can import it into the blueprints page in HA.

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Somehow I completely and totally missed this, despite spending a fair amount of time in the service explorer for lights and switches. Thank you! This is exactly what I need–this is not just for Inovelli switches, but that’s also a good suggestion as well. Thank you!

Yeah, I think this is a best practice, as I find it hard to know / remember what I have set these config parameters to. Typically, when I have more than one of the same device, I want them setup the same. So I try to write the script and reuse.

A zwave config manager would be nice to have!