Change zwave url

Hey all,

At the moment I’m using ZwaveJS on a seperate docker container. I want to move the container to an another host.

Not a problem per se, but I saw I can’t change the zwave URL in Hassio when the docker container is offline. In stead of the settings page, I get an connection error en no option to change the url.

How can I change the url when i moved the container? Thanks in advance.

Go to Settings → Devices & Services. Click “+ ADD INTEGRATION”. Choose Z-Wave. Uncheck the “Use supervision” option. Enter the new host/IP address information. If it connects successfully, it will give a message similar to “already configured” which means it was successfully re-configured.

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Thanks for your quick reply! I thought it would configure a second zwave integration this way. As soon as I have my new docker host up, I will try this!

It would do that, if you had a separate network. But it detects the network and keeps the configuration. Really just a workaround, IMO, but that’s the best that currently exists. Other option is to edit the config entry itself (in .storage).

Okay cool!

For my learningcurve, is there a manual how to edit the .storage?

No, it’s not recommended and not supported. Those are internal data files for HA.

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It worked!

And in that case I won’t mess with that haha :slight_smile: