Changed Blink Password, need to update in HA

I recently had to change the password on my blink account. I am now getting flooded with emails from blink because my HA system keeps trying to authenticate with the old credentials. I have not found a way to update the credentials in HA or the integration. I really do not want to delete the integration as I am using the arm/disarm in multiple automations. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Why not delete it and add it again?

I just have several automations that I don’t want to go back in and setup that rely on the blink system. Granted, it is not the end of the world, I was just thinking that there would be place to either modify a config file or a place to update it. With security being such a large issue these days, I was just under the assumption that I was missing something and it was easy to update.

Just configure the entities to have the same name and you don’t need to rewrite your automations etc.

Awesome. Thanks! I was so nervous about recreating everything that I hadn’t tried it yet. Much appreciated!