Changed host name, but not effective in smb, ssh nor browser

Since I have 3 hassio instances, which now are given names hassio.local, hassio-3.local and homeassistant.local (was hassio-2.local but with a renewed image), Id like to rename the host to be more to the point

I have an mqtt instance, so call it ha-mqtt.local, a z-wave instance, so like to call it ha-zwave.local, and my main production system yet another simple name.

Ive changed it in Supervisor successfully (I think…) and the log shows it in green:

Still, I cant reach it over ssh, not smb, nor in the browser using https://ha-zwave.local:8123, and still need to use homeassistant.local …

is there more to this?
please have a look, thanks!

Have you tried clearing your router’s ARP cache (possibly just reboot it)?

no, didn’t even know it had one :wink:


no rebooting my router makes no difference. even after that, my now named ha-zwave host can only be reached using the previous hostname homeassistant