Changed Router now can not access

This is technically not an installation issue, but I am struggling to where this post should go.

Yesterday I changed ISP and installed a new Router. My HA is on a Synology NAS VM and I have run an IP scanner and the IP addresses are showing as the same.

I can no longer log into either my Synology NAS or my Home Assistant. When I try on the HA android App I get a message that says “Encountered Error: Failed to perform SSL handschake, please ensure your cercificate is valid”. I can not log in via Nabu Casa either.

Also my google Home does not detect any of my light switches any more.

The only step I have taken is to reboot the NAS drive.

Plex and Audiobookshelf are working fine from the NAS in there respective apps.

I am lost on what to do next, advice would be appreciated.

UPDATE: I went into my router config, and it showed the NAS being on a different IP despite what the IP scanner said. So now I am in.

I have opened the Virtual Machine Manager and it is showing the following for IP Addresses:

The 212 Address is what I would be expecting.

Clueless as to what the other IPs are.

Another UPDATE I have noticed something strange on the router, its IP Addresses are 192.168.178.XXX and HA things that it is still using I think that this is the problem, is there anyway to change this?

I still have the old router, but it will not connect to the internet any more.

if it helps I can get to this screen but I would not know what to type to change the Default IP address.

Easiest would probably be to go into the new routers config and change the DHCP options to use the same subnet that you had on the old router.

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Thanks for the reply, I am not 100% sure how to do that, but I think what I need to do is on this page change all the "178"s to 0’s is that correct?

No, you would probably only have to change the scope on the router, since it gives the adresses to your devices that do not have static ips. Everything configured with static ips (on the device) will not get an ip from dhcp. Since you have some devices getting ips from the new scope you can assume these will get an ip in the range when you switch to that. Might need a reboot to get a new ip.

That screenshot was from my router. I thought it was the right page :thinking: I will have another dig around in the router settings

Sorry didnt see the screenshot. Yes that is the correct place to change it. Change ALL four boxes with 178 to 0

I am assuming since the old IP was 212 I should change the 4th line from 200 to 212 as well? Will this take down all machines conected. My wife is currently working from home.

No, dont change the 200 to 212. Worst that happens is HA gets a new ip in 20-200 range. Yes you will go offline briefly.

Okay I will hang on then.

It has been a while but I seem to remember setting 212 as a fixed IP. Maybe I am wrong.

As long as your change the subnet it doesn’t matter. Either it will go online with a static ip ( or if it’s configured with dynamic it will get a new ip in the range.

Fantastic, to recap then I will change every instance of 178 to a 0 on the router. But I will have to do it after the Mrs finishes work.

Thanks very much for the assist. Much appreciated.

Correct. Devices might need a reboot to get a new ip (or unplug/plug in the network cable).

Cool, thats easy enough, I can just power cycle the PoE switch running my APs. Thanks again.