Changed the dashboard background but the images never delete

Hello, I changed the background of a dashboard in my HA with the following entry:

background: center / cover url("/local/background/background.jpg")

I loaded in the path various images to see which is the best to set as a background calling it background1, background2, etc.
Then I deleted the other images not chosen, but now if I write in the above command for example background5.jpg and refresh the page, HA still change the background even if that image was deleted.
So, where does HA store this images? I tried to run a find/ -name command but it found nothing.

Home Assistant is not storing them your web browser is. Clear its cache and try again.

The web browser cache is used to speed up rendering of web pages, if there is already a local cached version of an object it does not have to be downloaded.

Are you running multiple HA devices? For example tablets with the same login. Their browser caches will maintain the background image as well.

Ahhh right. Copy that. I will try to do this. Thank you.