Changes in frontend break chrome support with 0.41 for custom panel / CSS

I use a custom panel for a dashboard on my setup. I also have some CSS in this panel. After updating to 0.41 (from 0.40.2) the panel broke (no CSS is applied at all) but only in Chrome. Firefox still works. jQuery seems also not able to fetch the elements by the id’s I used in my panel. Possible for the same reason CSS is not applied.

I don’t get any errors in the dev console. Any Ideas how that happend?

I don’t really want to lookup the exact pull request from all pull requests for 0.41 and the frontend “feature” it is not linked to one either in the changelog blogpost.


0.41 started to use Shadow Dom where it is supported by the browser. (In Polymer)

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I feel like this should have been mentioned somewhere. Thanks. Now I’ll have to find out how to do CSS and jQuery correctly with Shadow DOM. To google we go!

Thanks you helped a lot!


Did you find a solution?

I probably did but I switched to floorplan a long time ago. Sooo…maybe the github repo from me at that point is of any help tho?