Changing a devices attribute (TS011f Plug)

I have a tuya TS011F plug thats showing an insane total power delivered value (it came that way out of the box).

I can find the attribute value when managing the device, but cannot seem to reset it, and assume I need a manufacturers override code?:-

If I type in 0 or 1, then click ‘write attribute’, I see a green tick, but then when I read the attribute again, its the huge number once more.

The device is connected via ZHA.

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In Basic Cluster in Commands is factory reset. So you can reset this value to 0.

Thanks @barcik75. I found the command:-


But it appears that command is not support when i attempt to run it. I get this error:-

I’ve tried entering something in the override code section, and leaving it blank, nothing works unless I need a specific value that I dont know.

It is strange. I have several TS011f plug, and I reseted four of then without any problem. I leave blank Manufacture code.
I got this information from here: Problem with write attribute to TS011F · Issue #136 · mdeweerd/zha-toolkit · GitHub
Current_summ_delivered atribute is only to read. You can’t ovveride this value. Only by factory reset.