Changing cover icon

I have a command line cover configured. It controlls a garage door.
Now i want to change the icon of this cover.

The configuration of a ‘Template Cover’ has tho option to define a ‘icon_template’. The command line cover has no option like this as i see.

Whats possible is to define an icon in the customize.yaml. This is static and not depending on the state of the door.

I tried different configuration variants i found in the forum but it was not working or i got errors whith checking the config file.

Yes, this is by default only possible for things with ‘platform: template’

You have to install the following to get the ability to change everything:

You may already know this, but an just in case, an alternative would be to add to your customize.yaml device the following:

      device_class: garage
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Thank you, friend. It work for my group cover:


- platform: group
  name: "Sons room blinds"
    - cover.sons_blind1
    - cover.sons_blind2 


  device_class: blind

at last i have blind icon instead window