Changing device name

Is there a proper way to change device name? As it appears the only way to “set up” device is during the initial setup which defaults device name to the model. If you change the name in the settings it then doesn’t update the device in HA. And if you remove the device from integrations it then doesn’t re-add it… Can’t really find any documentation on the subject (though I’ve been known to be blind…)


I need to solve the same issue. We have to mobile phones of the same brand and model in our family. I need to be able to change the name of the device registration. I find no way to do that. I experience the same behavior as you describe.

1 Like there has been a ticket hanging around for a while about this issue.
My wife and I both have the same phone make and model, and it’s a huge pain to get them both setup with HA.


Although you cannot change the device name during registration you are free to go into the integration page and rename the entities as you see fit. You can also rename the device and the integration name too. There are some extra steps but its easy to fix. Changing the device name in app configuration will ensure any new sensors get the new name. The device name in app configuration is also responisble for changing the notification service call name, just make sure to restart home assistant after changing the name there. You can do everything you need to, that enhancement is more of a nice to have. The issue is not a full roadblock it just prevents having to rename them in the UI.

Thanks dshokouhi.
For those new to home assistant, like me, who couldn’t immediately find the integrations page to rename devices, its this one.


mistake om my part

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Adding my 2c if someone else new stumbles upon this looking to rename multiple iPhone devices. I had 3 devices named iPhone after installing HA on my wife and kids phones and finally figured out how easy it was to rename them. You just look for each device in Configuration > Devices, click on one to open up its info page then click the little gear in the top right corner. Add the name for who’s device it is and it even asks if you want to automatically rename all the Entities with the new name.


if anyone else is looking for the solution to this, please use the following steps.

  1. change the device name, in the comparison app first
  2. delete the device on the mobile_app integration on home assistant
  3. restart home assistant.

good luck!