Changing device tracker picture size in lovelace glance card

OK, just started with on an RPi3 and am using lovelace as well so be gentle.

I have three devices that show their state as away or home just fine. In the known_devices.yaml file I was also able to add a custom picture that shows, but is smaller than I’d like. (the pictures are larger than they are displayed) The lovelace entry is,

type: entity-filter
          - device_tracker.mike5s
          - device_tracker.jensnote3
          - device_tracker.kilbynote8
          - home
          type: glance
          title: Who is Home?
          show_state: false
          show_name: false 

Is there a way to set the size of the displayed png as well?

GreyBeard, did you find a solution? I’m running into the same issue. But I also couldn’t get the images to work from the known_devices.yaml, had to use the customize.yaml instead.