Changing Dimmer Behaviour

Hi! I’m new to Home Assistant, and have two Z-Wave dimmer controllers. I have them set up in Home Assistant and can control them, but the behaviour of the controls isn’t ideal.

I noticed that if I turn a light On from the main page, it turns on at maximum Brightness, but if I turn it On from the popup after selecting the light, it turns on at whatever the brightness was set to.

Is it possible to have the main on/off switch turn the light on at the previous brightness, rather than full brightness?
Alternatively, is it possible to define what the default “on” brightness is for the main light switch for the device?

Taking that a step further, is it possible to configure a Dimmable Light Device such that instead of an on/off switch, it has buttons for several states: Off, Minimum, Medium, Maximum. ie; several pre-set brightness levels.

Another annoying “feature” I noticed was that if you change the Brightness from the popup, and set the brightness to the lowest, it turns off the light, but really, I want it to be on, but at the minimum brightness. Is it possible to configure the device to behave that way?


Hello @Dortamur

If you want easy defaults use customize: in the configuration.yaml

      color_temp: 300
      brightness: 255
      color_temp: 300
      brightness: 100

Whenever the system reboots it reads the configuration.yaml and records those default values from the file.

Having a default “on” brightness will do for now (they’re very bright at full power! ^_^), until I figure out how to get more advanced in configuration options.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Actually, I am not happy with the web dimmer control at all. Why do we need a popup to control the brightness control? I would like to see a brightness control for 0-100% and no switch on the web page directly.

Here is my example: I have a living room with with 5 dimmers. I am using Staples connect with a dimmer on a single room for each mechanism without any popups (until I finish writing the Lutron Caseta support in HA). In HA I want a page with a master at the top and then an individual control with all but one tied to the master. If I move the master, the four tied to it move to that setting. I can then fine tune each individual to a different setting.