Changing electricity metering sensor in the energy configuration?


I in need of changing the energy metering entity in the energy configuration. I can’t find a way to remove the first sensor configured. How can I do this ?

Oops. This is actually how the upcoming version 2021.12 will look. If you are running an earlier version like 2021.11.x yours will be similar though.

Click the configuration icon in the left hand menu and look for “Energy” in the list. The energy setup page has not changed. So look for the trash icon next to your sensor.

This is visible if you don’t have a very long entity name… or you zoom out until the delete optionbecomes visible… Maybe there should be a fix when very long entity names are used so they vil not hide the config and delete options.

So the problem isn’t that you can’t find the delete option it’s that the delete option is not visible for long entity names.

You can report that issue here:

Make sure to include a screenshot.

Does it not wrap under in your case @jorgenn ?