Changing energy export data input problem


I have one probably stupid problem. When energy tab was created and when I got solar panels I did not know how to calculate export and import data.
Now when I created sensor correctly I have problem when I want to change input data for “export energy”. The problem is that when I change export energy data input that consumption level goes to crazy values.

This is the [marked with red] sensor which I want to change, as you can see export/import sensor currently is the same.

Because of the same import/export data I do not have solar self-sufficiency data etc… But overal it’s working correctly.

When I change export sensor in energy and delete current export sensor the problem is that consumption goes to crazy values… Also, take in mind, that I have consumption defined for every phase separately as this fits for me for other stuff to compare…

So, question is… is it possible to define in energy tab that after some (defined by me) date sensor value is no more usable and that other sensor value data is used… Because history is good to remain untouched.

PS. When I change export energy sensor back to as currently it is all consumption data is restored back to normal values…

So, any idea how to achieve to change export data and that consumption values stayes as is and that history stay as is?

Anybody know how to solve this?

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Nobody tried to swap solar energy return to grid sensor?