Changing fonts in theme not working

I am using the kibibit theme and I added the following resource under Lovelace:

And I have the following line in the theme configuration:

  # Fonts
  primary-font-family: 'Comfortaa'

But no changes in the theme. What could be wrong?

I have the same problem.

Thought it was only me. Not changing for me and it’s frustrating

Same here. Anyone have any thoughts? What are we doing wrong?

I just figured out that it works with base Lovelace cards, but Mushroom cards won’t allow the font to be changed. Bummer. Anyone know of a way to make Mushroom cards respect theme fonts?

I’ve tried with both standard and Mushroom cards and still can’t get Comfortaa to show.

After a bit of playing around, I’ve managed to get this working by adding the below to each card

  style: |
    ha-card {
      font-family: 'Comfortaa', cursive;

So, for example:

type: custom:clock-weather-card
   style: |   
      ha-card {      
          font-family: 'Comfortaa', cursive;    
entity: weather.home
sun_entity: sun.sun
weather_icon_type: line
animated_icon: true
forecast_days: 5
locale: en-GB
time_format: 12
date_pattern: P
hide_today_section: false
hide_forecast_section: false
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