Changing bubbles into a single card

Hello again everyone.

So ive set up in my configuration.yaml. Now i have all the information displayed in the little singular bubbles along the tope. this is very annoying and not very useful.

Is there a way to get all that information into a nice card on the states page? How do i go about editing that anyway?


Yes, create a group with the sensors. You can find the names of the sensors under the Developer Tools -> States on the frontend.

you will need to add them to a group. for example:


  • sensor.weather_summary
  • sensor.weather_temperature
  • sensor.weather_humidity

ok, so this works great to create it as a separate tab, but what if i wanted to make a card on the main page?

and how can i get them to stop being in bubbles but instead be in a card, listed out. That would make it alot more readable.

Don’t use view: yes in your group config. Having view: false (or no view at all) makes it appear as a card on your home page, using view: yes makes it a tab.