Changing Light Bulb Switch Icon

Tried to summarized the below in my topic.

I have a few window blinds which I have automated. Right now they all appear as light switches with the light bulb “icon” and slider. I recall a video I watched awhile back where someone changed the light bulb to be a picture of the their free standing light in the on and off state. Tried searching and cannot find this video again.

What I would like to do is remove the light bulb and slider from my home page and just have a picture of the shade open and close. You would click on the shade to change the state and all my existing automatons will continue to function.

Can someone guide me to what I should be looking at doing?

First watch the lovelace video:

Next, if you want a single image with open/close functionalty… I’d build 2 scripts. One that opens, one that closes. Then, i’d use a picture glance card with 2 entities that call the scripts via the call-service tap_action. Just use the 2 scripts as entities in the entity list. I’d use a state-image for it being open and closed:

Found the video that I initially viewed: . I took the idea from this video to create a picture entity. It displays my custom picture but I am unable to shrink the picture to a small icon. What Im really looking to do is create a layout that will use different small icons to display current state and also allow the state to be changed. Picture entity has the functionality I need but I am unable to get the pictures/icons small enough. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you draw out what you mean?

What Im trying to do is create an interface where I can have my own icons, pictures, images I find online. The image will appear on the left (size wise) as shown below. Clicking the banner/image will change the devices state and also change the image displayed.


I somehow missed your response. If you are just trying to change the icon for a entity row, then use a picture as a customization in the customize section of your configuration.yaml. Your other option is to configure it in the entity row itself.

Icon option can be used as a picture. I believe you are using the wrong card, don’t use the picture entity card.

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