Changing my Network IP Range - What will happen to my Devices?

I am planning on changing my Network hardware soon, and am wanting to run an application that unfortunately uses my current IP range (192.168.7.x) for some internal tethering, and won’t allow me to access it via my LAN without changing my IP range.

I’m concerned, as I have a good number of Shelly devices that HA has identified by IP at this point. It just discovered them, which is awesome, but I distinctly recall HA asking if I want to access them by their IP.

My questions, are, if those change will HA associate them to the new IP, and will my Scenes, Automations, etc involving those devices continue to work?

What other things might I need to update / reconfigure to make this as painless as possible? MQTT, Other Add-ons?

Cant you change your internal ip range from default to 192.168.7.x in your new Network hardware?

Edit: Sorry, i didnt read the part of your post about tethering.

No worries. Yeah, it’s already 192.168.7.x on my LAN. That’s the issue I’m facing. I need to change it away from that apparently in order to use this application.