Changing names of state for sensor

Hi all,

I hacked an Aqara Door sensor to check the water level in my pool. When low, it triggers a valve to turn on to fill the pool.

My question is: since I am using a door sensor, the states are OPEN and CLOSED. I would like to rename those states so that OPEN displays FULL and CLOSED displays LOW.

Also, on the hose valve (a wifi B-Hyve hose timer), I would like on to show as FILLING and OFF can display OFF.

Is that possible in HA? If so, I don’t know how to change state labels.

Thank you!


These are the available device classes for the binary sensor domain that change the translated state value in the frontend: Binary sensor - Home Assistant

You can apply one of them to your door sensor using manual customisation. Customizing entities - Home Assistant

If you are not happy with the available choices consider voting for this feature request:

You don’t mention what domain your valve is, but assuming it is a switch your device class choices are even slimmer: Switch - Home Assistant

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