Changing of router

Hello! I just got myself a new Google nest router. My devices are all connect to my Asus router that generates 5 & 2.4ghz WiFi. My first question is how or what is the simplest way to get my raspberrypi 3b+ to connect to my new router?

My smart devices are mostly on 2.4ghz. I have not setup my Google nest route yet, not too sure if google nest can generate two SSID with one under 5ghz and another under 2.4ghz like my Asus does. Any short way of converting all my devices onto the new router?

List of smart products I have

  • teckin smart plugs (2.4ghz WiFi only)
  • Google minis
  • broadlink rm pro and mini (2.4ghz WiFi only)
  • some unknown blaster (2.4ghz WiFi only)
  • aqara hub + aqara switches

Any advice will be great!