Changing sensor to binary with Z-wave menu

Is there any way to change a sensor to binary with the Z-wave menu? I’m using; therefore, I don’t have OZWCP installed.

I’m using this sensor from Monoprice, and the motion sensor (burglar) has three different values 0, 8 and 255 and I just need motion detected or not. I know that 0 is not movement, 8 movement, but I don’t know what 255 is.


I had a similar issue so I used templates to creat a new sensor:

Thank you! I may implement something like this, did you have other values besides 0 and 8? If so, how did you deal with them?

That was just the numbers my sensor was returning for motion (3) and tamper (8). If yours are different numbers or a string, just change accordingly…

If you look at my livingroom package, I’ve made a ‘mode’ sensor in the same way. This sets the mode to empty, motion, tv, movie etc based on other sensors. I then use this mode to drive automations. (If mode changed from movie to motion, bring the lights up)

Have a look at this thread Setting a sensor as a binary sensor