Changing target temperature of multiple climate/airco units


We like control, that is why we use home assistant ;-). I have a situation that I don’t understand. I have 4 aircos installed in the bedrooms that are controlled with ESP. I have created one climate group to be able to set the target temperature of all units to the same temperature (and therefore have one input_number to control on/off automations).

  - platform: climate_group
    name: "Airco All"
      - climate.airco_1v_slaap
      - climate.airco_bg_woon
      - climate.airco_2v_gijs
      - climate.airco_2v_noor
      - climate.airco_2v_loek

This climate entity is set to have a target temperature of 20 degrees and it all seems to be working. However, when having turned on one of the aircos some of them change the target temperature (and might therefore behave differently when the airco is turned one). I can’t find to understand why this is happening.

See screenshot

  1. for some reason it was 24, so i manually changed it to 20 degrees at 20.16.
  2. Automation is triggered at 20.30 and cooling takes down the room temperature
  3. Airco is turned off and temperature slowly creeps up (20.50)
  4. Without me changing at 21.14 the target temperature is moved to 24 degrees => Why?

Never mind the small 20-21-20 adjustment at 20.41 (manual test from me to see it was working). As a referrence one of the other aircos is not changing its target temperature

Maybe I am misunderstanding the use / application of target temperature, but I would expect this to be a set number that I change.

Anybody able to help me with this? I am also fine with a work-around as long as I can control the ACs to target the same temperature.


Is this something to do with the behaviour of groups? The docs on this make my head hurt:

  • The group state is combined / calculated based on type selected to determine the minimum, maximum, latest (last), mean, median, range, product or sum of the collected states.

Yes, with one of the ACs diverting from the target temperature the group state becomes an average (which is not a problem as long as they all stay the same). What is strange is that ACs change their target temperature; from what i can tell 2 out the 5 do.