Changing the IP address of an existing device in the Xiaomi Miio integration

With recent HA update it was made possible to configure the Xiaomi Miio integration via the UI:

This is really nice to use and the vacuum works as expected.

However, sometimes my vacuum changes its IP address and I need to reconfigure the integration. Sadly I can’t configure a static IP for the vacuum. The only way to reconfigure the integration I found to do it is to:

  1. remove the integration
  2. restart HA
  3. add the integration again with new IP but same token
  4. rename the entity to what it was before.

Am I missing an easier way to change the address?

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I believe you are not missing anything with changing the address but normally static ip can be set from your router.

Thx for the suggestion. Sadly, I don’t have admin access to my router, so I can’t do it.

Expectation from xiaomi integration: it ask login and password for MiHome, take a list of all devices from servers like Xiaomi-cloud-tokens-extractor utility, ping all known devices, add them to HA if they are available in this network, make a beautiful card for lovelace for every device.
Reality: it “discover” devices from configuration.yaml, asks ip and token (which are already written in config file), and you need to rename all items in your card’s config.

I also need a way to easily change ip for devices in miio_integration. I have provider’s router which internal dchp server saves maximum 5 static IP addresses.

To change to a new IP don’t remove the integration, just add a new one and it will replace the IP and keep the rest.

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You can also edit config file by hand and change the IP address there.
Config file: ./.storage/core.config_entries
Search for: xiaomi_miio