Changing the numbers value to the sensor

Good day

Can I ask for advice on converting the values I get as “numbers” but need them as “sensor”?

I use a service that delivers data to HA using an MQTT bridge. These are processed as “numbers” by this code:

> mqtt:
> - number:
> name: wattmeter_ch1
> command_topic: n/a
> state_topic: node/1/sensor/28/value
> min: 0
> max: 10000
> step: 0.001

It works, but I would like to get not only the information about the instantaneous consumption, but I want to get the consumption for some interval (ideally daily and monthly), so I am working with instructions on how to do it. However, the instructions work with data from “sensors”. So I’m trying to add new sensors and read data from numbers, but I can’t. I also tried the AI, but they just spin in a circle.

Can someone give me some advice on how I can solve this?

Thank you

There is no need to prefix each line with > just format your post correctly for the forum, see: How to format your code in forum posts

You should be able to add an mqtt sensor instead of a number.

MQTT Sensor - Home Assistant