Changing TTS to SSML


I have my default text type for Amazon Polly to be text (so not SSML).

This is fine if I just want to output something over a Chromecast speaker using Text to Speak.
However, if I then want to use SSML in a script, how do i do this on a case by case basis? If I start using SSML, the Chromecast will read it literally… “speak hello slash speak” for example.

On the flip side, if I change the default text type to be SSML, my scripts work fine, but then I can not use a simple Text to Speak to Chromecast as it complains its not valid SSML.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE : I guess what i actually need, is two different TTS profiles. However, how do I achieve this. Whenever i set up two, they ignore the “type” settings defined and just seem to always use “ssml”, and also, how can I set which media player “TTS” box using which profile?



are there any news on this?
I have the same problem as described in the update from @Craig_McGowan.
I could not find any other thread with a solution to this problem.

EDIT: Only found this GitHub issue: Unable to configure multiple TTS services for the same platform · Issue #70072 · home-assistant/core · GitHub