Channel media type strange behavior in play media service

Hello Smart people,
I am working on an IR remote controller using Nodemcu board, IR led and some wires :sweat_smile:
Used ESP home to program the node and Smart IR addon to integrate the board as media player in Home Assistant, everything works great and I can switch TV on/off, change volume, change channel, change source, mute, etc.
I records the IR code (using the same Nodemcu) and for channels I have recorded from 0-9 just like the normal remote controller

The problem:
I am using Home Assistant play media service to change channels as it can combine all the possible numbers (0-99) and far beyond, but I struggle with numbers like 11, 22, 33, etc. it just send them as one number (11 is 1, 22 is 2)
I think the problem is likely about timing and TV translation but can’t figure it out any help should be appreciated