Characteristic table for analog voltage values NTC Sensor

I’am using NTC Sensors and would like to convert the analog voltage signal into °C. I have the Sensor characteristic table with 10 values but have no idea which sensor, template etc. allow to add. this “translation table”.
I get value like 402 = 100°C or 937,9 = 10°C. The signal is not linear, so I cannot use a template sensor with slope and constant value. Does someone use this kind of “value translation”?

This will create a sensor entity from your voltage sensor that will report in °C.

Graph the points you have in a spreadsheet and see what degree of polynomial trend line fits your data best and use that degree in the config along with your set of points.

    source: sensor.your_ntc_sensor_here
    unit_of_measurement: °C
    degree: 3 # from your spredsheet test
      - [0.2, -80.0] # your data points here
      - [1.0, 0.0]

Hi, @tom_l thanks, the compensation works. Does the Compansation dont support the “friendly name”?
I get "Invalid config for [compensation]: [friendly_name] is an invalid option for [compensation]. Check: compensation->compensation->kesseltemperatur->friendly_name. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 19).

    source: sensor.heizung_kesselfuehler_value
    unit_of_measurement: °C
    friendly_name: Kesseltemperatur
    degree: 3 # from your spredsheet test
      - [402.2, 100.0] # your data points here
      - [475.5, 90.0]
      - [552.6, 80.0]
      - [629.9, 70.0]
      - [705.4, 60.0]
      - [772.9, 50.0]
      - [830.6, 40.0]
      - [877.1, 30.0]
      - [912.4, 20.0]
      - [937.9, 10.0]

Yeah, only the options shown in the integration document are available. You will have to add that using customize.