Charger output voltage

Can you please tell me what is the output voltage on a 110v electric toothbrush charger vs a 220v charge.

If your charger says “input voltage 100-240V”, then it’s no difference.
If not … using 110V device on 220V voltage will result in big boom and lots of white smoke and burned electronics.

If you are talking about the output then it could be the same.
It all depends on the input of the toothbrush.
Look at the labels on the devices and there are probably stickers with the information.

I was asking about the charger’s output. Input can be anything, but the battery in toothbrush needs some low voltage output from the charger. I would think that it should be the same whether the input is 110 or 220. Yes?

I know what you meant…As i said: if charger is designed for input 100-240V, then yes. But regarding output: if brush has usb charger port, then it’s ok, you can use anything that has 5v output, otherwise it’s important which voltage needs. ‘Just any’ charger is not ok in this case.