ChatGPT 3.5 Assistant inadvertantly changing states?

Hi all, I have gpt-3.5-turbo configured as a voice assistant (using 1.0 as both the Top P and Temperature). I’ve got some money loaded into the OpenAI account since my testing with a free account didn’t work.

Anyway, when I ask for the state of certain things, the assistant changes their states (sometimes). For example, I asked the assistant “how many lights are on in the bedroom?” and it turned all the lights from off to on. I then asked it “what temperature is the Nest thermostat set to?” It then changed the thermostat state from cooling mode to heat+cool.

I asked the same questions with the built in Home Assistant voice assist, and it didn’t change the states of those items.

I switched back to the OpenAI assistant, asked the same questions again, and this time I got answers with NO state change. This seems really weird and inconsistent. I don’t believe my questions were phrased in a weird way, but maybe I don’t fully understand how the intents are supposed to interact with OpenAI.

Has anyone experienced this? I do want the Assistant to be able to change the states of my entities, but I think I should be able to query their status in regular English without weird results. I have NOT tested with ChatGPT 4.0 yet, since I’m trying to keep the costs down while I figure things out.

Add this to your prompt:
If I ask you about the current state of the home, or many devices I have, or how many devices are in a specific state, just respond with the accurate information but do not change the state of the device
I prefer the Extended open AI integration. It seems to work better.
Also, look into a HACS integration called Fallback Conversation. It will call upon the local assist first. If local assist cannot execute the command, then Open Ai will be called to do it.

So I tried modifying my prompt. What I noticed is this: my hallway thermostat is named “Thermostat” but it is indeed a Nest thermostat. If I ask the OpenAI assistant “what is the temperature of the Nest thermostat?” it responds with the proper temperature, but also changes the state from Cool to Heat/Cool.

However, if I ask it “what is the temperature of the thermostat?” it responds with the proper temp, and does NOT change the state. So just calling it a Nest thermostat is throwing off the Assistant. I get it, it’s not actually named “Nest” except in the integration, but the Assistant seems to be able to navigate that otherwise. I’ll give gpt4.0 a shot later and see what I get.

Will also check those other integrations you mentioned. Appreciate the help, everytime I learn something well enough to implement it, I learn that there are 5 better ways to do it!