Chattery Minoston MP31Z and ZooZ ZEN04!

I have one of each of these Z-wave plugs, which appear to be the same physical hardware. When the switch is on, even if there is nothing plugged in, the relay on both of these devices occasionally “chatters”. It might be once, it might 5 or more times in a row. There are often logbook messages corresponding to this showing the overvoltage/overcurrent becoming “unavailable” and then available+safe again.

I am wondering if this is related to having an 800-series controller in my system (with its tendency to randomly mark nodes as dead on the network until pinged, similar to the 700-series).

Any insights? Anyone else have this same problem with the same model plugs?

Zooz ZEN04 plugs have a new firmware out that allows disabling of energy reporting. That would reduce the amount of chatter it does on your network. Or alternatively set the reporting interval to a high value.

Heh, I meant literally a chattering sound. The relay just sometimes chatters on and off rapidly. I’ll grab the new firmware and try again.