Cheap alarm solution?

I try to create alarm with HA. Trying to find cheapest solution.
Alarms with envisalink or some MQTT are quite expensive. I think the best way would by couple of motion detection sensors (PIR). Are there some cheap wireless (mqtt ot other protocol) sensors you can reccomend?

Or maybe some possible integration of similar cheap alarms?
Thank you.

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An ESP8266 + PIR will cost you around 8 Bucks each. But it requires coding and soldering as well as a power input. If this does not work for you do you already have some kind of hub?


I have just raspberry with HA and Mosquito as MQTT broker.

You can have cheap alarm sensors

and convert their signals to mqtt with a gateway.

Note that these sensor doesn’t ask for a receipt acknowledgement, they are just sending a signal several times when they have to, if the signal is not received nothing happen. In my usage it is ok with this constraint, for certain people it can be an issue.

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Thanks mate! :bulb:

And some idea about gateways?

Only this 433mhz, infrared IR to and from MQTT on ESP8266

or there is also some ready-made solution?

i mean something for raspberry…

How cheap do you mean? Attaching a PIR to you Pi only cost a couple of quid. Tricky part in my experience is getting presence detection to work so you don’t constantly receive notifications. I have the Philips Hue PIR sensors in my house for lighting, so just use these, kill two birds with one stone :smiley:

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I can vouch for 1technophile 's gateway. It’s great!

1technophile - can you tell me which 433 based door sensors / PIR units you use?


I need wireless solution… so I can´t just attach sensor to Raspi GPIO´s
Seems like 433<>MQTT should by the right way…

Any chance your home was prewired with door and window contact sensors? Mine was and I was able to feed them all into a RPi in an upstairs closet.

@Jiran There is a forum on 1technophile’s gateway below. There are several of us who use it with great results.

Yes but if you need several sensors it’s a pity to put one pi with each. A pir sensor like the ones in the device list are around 5euros.

Here they are:

Check on my blog my article of January it present a gateway comparative

Just over £5 per sensor node… :slight_smile:

This is one i might try, a laser based trip wire sensor…!

yes but several thoughts:

  • it is not a pi :wink:

  • the issue with wifi nodes is the power, if you don’t have a socket close you will have to change your battery every weeks or months.

  • 433mhz devices are more suitable for battery powered nodes with around a year of battery life

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if your a tinkerer

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