433toMQTTto433 Gateway Device List

1technophile created an arduino or Esp8266 gateway that can receive and transmit to 433 Mhz devices using MQTT with Home Assistant.

I want to create a forum topic that will highlight all the devices that this can control.
(EDIT: RCSwitch users and even MySensors 433 devices too!!)

Here is a google doc spreadsheet of all the devices we found compatible. Thanks @touliloup

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I have 15 Etekcity switches, 3 driveway motion sensors, and a wireless doorbell that use this gateway with Home Assistant.

Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch
for Household Appliances, White (Learning Code, 5Rx-2Tx)
by Etekcity
Link: http://a.co/fTjROIB
(5 switches for less than $30)

Driveway Alert System
by Bunker Hill Security
Link: http://a.co/7Cge0kH
(Less than $20, slightly cheaper at Harbour Freight)

SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell
Operating at over 500-feet Range
with Over 50 Chimes,
No Batteries Required for Receiver, (Various Colors)
by SadoTech
Link: http://a.co/bHEp2QW
(about $20)

I had previously purchased the doorbell before automating. So glad to “find” it today.

Please add to my list if you have others that integrate with this gateway.


Here are my devices compatible with RCSwitch and therefore the 433toMQTTto433 ESP8266 or Arduino Gateway:
IDK Outlet switch or here
(4 switches for 23€)
Presence sensor 6€
Door sensor 5€ (only sending one code when opening the door)
Smoke detector 10€

i dont use mqtt, but i do use RCSwitch.

i use them with old system KlikAanKlikUit power switches, so they are compatible.
I also use ELRO switches with RCSwitch.

i dont have links, because i bought those switchesa very long time ago. (the first ones 20 years ago :wink: )

it is nice to see a list here, because i can use that to with my mysensors remote and my mysensors 433mhz sniffer

Adding these door sensors also to the compatible devices:

A good point is that they are sending three different signals depending on the door state

Tested by @masterkenobi

Adding these doorbell also to the compatible devices:


Tested by @masterkenobi

Just tested this 433MHz Wireless Smoke Detector and confirm it works.

Got it from a local shop. You can find similar item in Aliexpress.

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Just tested this Wireless CO Natural Gas Sensor Leak Detector and confirm it works.

Got it from a local shop. You can find similar item in Aliexpress.

Received these today…




…and confirm all are working.

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I just want to add an issue with this sensor…


After using it for few months a couple of these sensors doesn’t send out any code when I close the door. Leave it for few more days and suddenly they work again. I am not sure is the sensor faulty or due to other reason. Anyone else having this issue?

Hello friend @masterkenobi i bought one yesterday , when it arrived , i will test sensor, after i said the results. But that happens with your 5 sensors? Or only one?

I sometimes leave a laptop nearby with a “codesniffer” (arduino with 433mhz running ReceiveDemo_Simple from RCSwitch) so I can see all the codes transmitted nearby. This is how I determine if it is due to distance, interference, or if it is not transmitting at all.


Works really well. Also has tamper feature. Using tamper feature as a toggle in home assistant. Differnt code is sent. Sensors stay on everyone’s night stand. Little squeeze of the sensor and toggle light off or on.

The other sensors from the security system should work as well.

I purchased all my bridge parts from gearbest including 433mhz receiver. The receiver covers my house if in the center . I can make it outside on one end that doesn’t have brick. I bought everyone they had. This one works best with loaded 433 antenna. Although not much better than just a piece of wire.



I should have dusted first.lol


prahjister thank you for sharing that with us.Please post here all the sensors you have running.


This is the only sensor that I currently have. But i have this one on the way

Same manufacture…it will take 30 days. Only ordered 1 piece and free shipping. Will update once i get but i am sure it will work.

Just refer to this https://1technophile.blogspot.my/2016/09/433tomqttto433-bidirectional-esp8266.html

It works independently because it uses MQTT. That means, anything that can subscribe to the MQTT broker can make use of the 433Mhz signals it receives.

yes exactly. basically, you need to install an MQTT broker (server). It can be on the Pi or on any server. The 433toMQTTto433 gateway will receive signal from the sensors and then publish the signal code to the MQTT broker. Any computer (such as the Pi that runs HA) that subscribe to the MQTT topic can make use of it.

  1. the PI3 can only recieve if you connect a reciever to it.
  2. if you have MQTT installed you can use this way at any place you have wifi.

but it would be nice to discuss things like this at another place on the forum.
this is a list and discussions here make the list unreadable.

I ordered this and tested it yesterday:


It work like a charm, it’s a battery powered 433MHz remote with 1 to 3 touch button but in the shape of a wall switch.
It send an 433MHz signal whenever pressed. The quality is very good :slight_smile:


Is it a toggle switch? Means does it send 2 codes per button?