Cheap B22 Zigbee bulbs(router) in India

Hi Guys,

Any one aware of any cheap white B22 Zigbee bulbs available in India? Something to make my Zigbee network more stable. Even AliExpress listing works (I can ask my friend to get it for me).


Bulbs to make ZigBee network more stable?

You might get the opposite of what you want if you use zigbee bulbs and continue cutting power (switching AC power to the bulb)

No idea is to use them as routers.

Any bulb model except Sengled on this list should work just fine if you’re using Z2MQTT.

Your only problem, apart from bulbs not routing if they’re switched off at the wall, is the B22 fitting. It seems to be losing the popularity contest to E27 and zigbee B22 bulbs are quite hard to find.
Might be time to bite the bullet and change your light fittings to E27 if you still intend to go down this route.

B22 is a standard heavily used in India. My other problem is availability in India. Its impossible to get any Zigbee stuff in Indian market.