Cheap binary sensors


All - does anyone know of any cheap binary sensors that can work with HASS.IO reliably. I am looking for sensors that can monitor stuff like a doorbell, and having them battery operated would be ideak (long life, 1-2 years)

Anyone come accross anything like this?


I know this is an old question - but here is an answer if anyone finds it in a search:

Google GS-WDS07 - they are a cheap 433mhz reed switch, battery operated with open/close, tamper and low battery alerts. The circuit board is small enough to stuff into lots of enclosures and they operate for ages on a AAA battery.

I use them for various things (including as door/window sensors). If you unsolder the reed switch off the board, you can connect an external switch that will send a signal for open and close events. The tamper switch is usually unpopulated - you can solder in another switch to these contacts but it only will signal on circuit closed, you can get around this by using a dummy value for circuit open (off) and use as a momentary switch.

Of course for any of this to work you will need a 433mhz to wifi bridge, like the Sonoff bridge