Cheap multi pack of wifi sockets

do you guys flash the standard build ?
i see there’s a minimal one also.

Looking forward to getting mine and flashing it ! Suspect I’ll be getting a lot of this kit :slight_smile:

Examples URLs: (standard build, English UI) (identical, for backwards compatibility)

The minimal one is a half way flash… The full build is bigger than the available memory so it has to flash minimal first and then you can flash the full firmware. I think you must have the full firmware to do anything. Minimal is purely related to the memory requirement when flashing.

sound a bit complicated, I thought I just flashed one file?

Any walk-through available? Plan to flash my first next week - exciting times!

To clarify, you only do the 2 flashes when flashing OTA - if using a cable just flash the full one.

@DavidFW1960 has a very good one…

Has anyone used TasmoAdmin to update their Sonoffs?
Mine are all at 5.12.0 (5.14.0 being the latest I believe).

Check the firmware they are on when they arrive… if they are on anything under 1.6 then you can use SONOTA to flash them so no need to open them up or solder anything…

I’ve done quite a few this way but they are becoming harder to come by with the lower firmwares.

Yes, I have… all went fine.

Yes I installed tasmoadmin (did have sonweb before that). Have not used to update yet but I intend to when anything above 5.14 is out as I already upgraded to 5.14 before sonweb using OTA in the webui.

Just updated to the new 6.1 today using this. Just said update all and in a few minutes they were done. Worked 100% perfectly.

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so this is pretty funny, I’ve read up about these things and I’ve become addicted before I even have any. Arriving today the smart sockets and a two pack of the cheaper £5 a throw inline ones - the base model.

I already installed tasmoadmin in a docker container on my pi3 and that’s up and running ready to go, just need to flash one tonight !



I can then get rid of the (stateless) rf modules and start using sonoff gear througout the house! cheaper and better by the sounds of it…


tasmoadmin looks really handy for looking after this stuff


how do I update a docker container to the latest version of tasmoadmin when a new image is released (I don’t know docker so well). It’s running fine though…

I did it!!!

Arsed about with a serial tty connector and various drivers on my Mac. Got nowhere. Ended up doing the sonata over the air initial flash with python3… worked great… then upgraded to 1.6

Ok, so now I’m struggling to get the blighters working with MQTT on HA. any tips on that, broker is running.