Cheap multi pack of wifi sockets

Hi Guys,

I can get a cheap pack of wifi sockets on amazon, 3 for £20.

Easy to integrate with HA ?


Will they work?

Looked through the reviews but no mention of a modded firmware so I doubt they can be integrated into HA at this time. Worth keeping an eye on though :wink:

They really look a lot like these;

Which can be flashed with a little bit of work, but no guarantee :wink:

Edit: they are the same, last photo shows the model number SWA1

Thanks for that…

Any recommended WiFi plugs that are supported by HA out of the box?

Cheaper the better as I’d like to buy a few…

The website says they are compatible with IFTTT so you might be able to get them working with HA via IFTTT. There will be a 2-3 second (or more) delay when controlling lights.

If you are ok with reflashing the FW with Tasmota then it’s got to be the Itead S20 plugs

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If IFTTT is supported you can definitely make them work with Home assistant one way or another.

thanks @BertrumUK I’m going this route, just ordered a test S20 and some pin headers… soldering iron at the ready ! can’t wait… any tips?

Looks like if I get comortable with the process there are loads of sensors I can buy, flash and deploy much cheaper than the regular “off the shelf” stuff!? :slight_smile:

a whole new world of fun/ obsession may be presenting itself !

Safety measures ? Don’t want to take any risks with modded always on mains connected stuff in the family home. Basically what are the big common sense measures to take, I think I know them but interested none the less - are you confident leaving this stuff connected - even “in wall” in some cases?

tks again

Don’t forget to get an FTDI adaptor so you can flash them. Must use 3.3 v setting as 5v could damage them.

If you are careful you can flash without soldering pins on. I flashed my sonoff basics by holding the 4 male jumper wires, which were taped together, through the holes then applied angled pressure whilst flashing. You have to hold tight for the 30+ seconds of flashing but it’s still quicker than soldering.

As for mains just make sure that you are fully unplugged whilst flashing etc. The FTDI gives the board the power it needs.

Good luck.

I found blue tack worked a treat to hold the pins in place without any soldering to be done :smiley: Have two sonoff plug’s, three sonoff basic’s, and two sonoff TH10’s at the moment, I do like them for easy of use.

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thanks, yes, got an FTDI already.

I meant really the safety of these things after flashing on an ongoing basis being plugged in 24x7x365 ?

leave them plugged in 24x7 ? sounds like you like em’ am looking forward to getting mine! :slight_smile:

if good I’ll get a load of em’

I have 3 flashed sonoff basics and all are plugged in 24x7 with no issues. You are,after all, only modifying the low voltage side in software so they are no more unsafe than before modding.

Beware of Sonoffs, as they’re not CE certified. I wouldn’t use them for anything power hungry.

As said dozens of times before, by me and many others, all Sonoffs ARE CE certified!

Do agree I wouldn’t use them for heavy loads but there’s not many heavy loads where they’d be appropriate any way.

They say 10W maximum I think for mine…

Think you mean 10A :grin:

Yeah I did. Oops!

You’re right, I was wrong. I remember reading some blog a while ago commenting they were not CE compliant, but they may have fixed that later.

As an example, here’s the CE certificate for Sonoff TH10.

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