Cheap smart buttons

I was wondering if anyone knows of some cheap smart buttons compatible with HA? I don’t need more than like 5. I already use NFC tags but looking for something for everyone to use.

What communication protocol do you want to use?

Xiaomi Buttons


I have no preference

Maybe a particular use case?

What about this (formerly?) $1 BLE Buttons?

Then I’d probably go with ZigBee since they are super low power consumers meaning that your batteries will last a really long time. Some of my buttons are on the same battery from 4 years ago.

The Xiaomi buttons have excellent battery life, the IKEA ones not so much, however the IKEA ones are great when you want multiple buttons in the one device.

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I would go with the IKEA TRADFRI wireless switch over the button. They are the same size, have twice the number of button presses, and in my experience fewer connection issues and longer battery life.