Cheap sonos wifi speaker alternative?

Hi, I’m looking for a cheaper alternative to Sonos speakers to have 3 rooms with speakers controllable by HA.

I found these on Amazon but I’m not sure if I can connect them without much effort to my HA config

If not these, are there other wifi speakers compatible?


Edit: Some more info: I have HA on raspberry, Broadlink RM Pro and a spotify acc as source for music. But I also want normal radio channels via internet stream. Bluetooth is no option I think as it won’t cover all rooms.

A bit too late, but I’m thinking on install cheap speakers with a Chromecast audio. With this I think we can manage easily. Did you finally test your solution?
I thought on ceiling speakers for the bathroom with a Chromecast audio and some amplifier like this:

Any new infos with this speaker? Iam also interested in a WiFi speaker. Compatible with HA. But without a voice assistant

IKEA Symfonisk? Real Sonos internals packaged into relatively cheap IKEA box… or lamp.

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Thank you for this idea