Cheapest Smart Switch

I’m looking for a cheap wireless smart switch that can stick to the wall.

Dont buy cheapest smart switches outlets or anything else that is connected to electricity.
Here you can find thread about ellectrical fire. Someone bought cheap smart plug and it caught fire. Luckily noone was hurt and damage was minor.

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He said “wireless smart switch that can stick to a wall”
No wireless switch uses high voltage electricity - they’re all battery powered. The odds of these switches catching fire are about the same as your TV remote catching fire

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cheap does not necessarily mean reliable… Isn’t it worth spending a little extra for something that is reliable? For me, that is the ultimate critical issue for the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)

Ikea STYRBAR (804.883.70), currently around 14USD.
It is a wireless (Zigbee) smart switch that can stick to a wall.

Do you have wireless switch ?

I have. And they all are connected to electricity. Because you have to have a relay that is controlling the light. Relay can be inside of the light switch or on the mains connected to a light wireslly connected to a switch.
So if you dont have something, doesnt know how it is working dont be the smartes guy around.

Ever heard of a smart bulb?
In case you don’t:

You don’t mention which form factor you need (whether it’s an EU switch, US switch, or a simple button), but these are all the products which will work for you in case you decide to go zigbee.

In case you need wifi, your choice will be more limited due to the fact that it’ll eat batteries. Unfortunately there’s no (reliable) wireless wifi switches I know about, much less recommend.

Kind of a nebulous question. What do you mean “stick to the wall”? Do you want a switch or a button? What protocol? (Probably not WiFi since they would eat batteries daily). “Switch” also has different connotations- what are you switching?

I have a few of these around my home.

You are obviously some kid trying to be very smart.
Keep on trying.
Anyway that what you done is know as taking it out of context, but it’s something that is obviously to complex for you to comprehend.

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There are some solutions like this. You have a relay that can be connected to the mains and light and wireless switch that can control relay.
Usually this is rf controlled, but the working principle is the same. You have a relay connected to mains and light and some wireless switch that can turn on or off relay.

Caveat emptor: Over time I learned that smart bulbs are useful only in niche places. Specifically, where switching the lights on and off is rarely or never done, like outdoor sconces or flood lights. Everywhere else, I recommend to replace the wall switches or plugs.