Check configuration file automatically before restarting

With the new “c” command, it is very easy to quickly restart HA after some configuration change. However, it misses the “check configuration file” from the server controls. It would be great if the button in server controls has a built in check. It would ask you if you were sure, just like now, but also add any errors in the configuration. The normal “check configuration” would still be there of course.

Which button in server controls do you mean? The restart button automatically performs a config check and won’t restart if config check fails.

Huh, I never noticed that. I always use the check button to be sure.
However I just tried it and it indeed doesn’t restart, but it does not give a reason why. It would be useful if it even just said something like “please check your configuration” or something similar.

It will create a persistent notification that tells you something is incorrect with your config as far as I remember. Anyway you can check the logs after you noticed that it doesn’t restart and there you’ll see the issue.