Check configuration file before restart by default

Would be nice if the “Restart” button would also trigger a “Configuration Check”.
In case of config error, either disallow a restart or require the user to confirm that he wishes the server to restart.

This is not a big one, but

  • it would avoid a restart in case one forgot to hit “check the config” before restarting
  • I don’t think it requires any serious effort to implement

It’s already the case since a while ! You can’t reboot if your config file has errors and also error in config file doesn’t prevent anymore HA to start (implemented since a year I think :wink:

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Have you tried just clicking restart? If you have advanced mode turned off and you click restart it will not allow restart if there is a configuration issue. At least it does that for me.

Interesting. I am just conscious that I should check the config before hitting restart and haven’t hit restart should the config be wrong so was not aware the check is already happening.
The fact that both buttons are there made be believe that restart function doesn’t check the config. Lol.