Check Entity/sensor unavailability or status

I’m currently looking for something to expand my system tab.
I did some research to see whether a sensor or entity is available or not. (To create a small list to see which sensor is offline)

Is there any card to use for this? And does anybody got recommendations?
I saw it was possible just to use monstercard and filter for ‘unavailable’, but is there something else?

There’s this one:

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Looks promising! Will check it out tomorrow.
Thanks for the fast response!

Wow, where did you find a reference to that?

That card hasn’t been around for a LONG time. Maybe years.

it was replaced by the auto-entities card.

Hahaha, I was just reading in some forums. I haven’t looked if it still existed :joy:

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@123 I installed the script for unavailability detection. Works great! Thanks for the help and tip!

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