Check for a not equal to (!=) value in a trigger/condition

I’m wanting an easier way to check for when it is “not raining”. Right now I’m looking at all the possibilities for “sensor.weather_icon” and am overwhelmed at catching all of them.

What I want is to open the garage door when outside temp is lower than inside temp in the room above my garage. I do not want to do that when it is raining though…

If this exists I would love to hear about it!

As an aside (since I don’t have an answer for your issue), I hope you are planning on implementing a condition to do this only when someone is home. Otherwise, can I have your address? I’m sure you have better stuff than I do! :smiley:

You should be able to use a template to do this.

Agreed! I have a bunch of other checks too. Like time of day, is my system set to ‘cool’ or ‘heat’, etc. It won’t open at 2:30 am when I’m on vacation with a bunch of stacked up newspapers sitting at my drive. :wink:

I need to look more at templates. I keep seeing that as an answer all over this place.

I got started with them in this project

And I’ve been finding more and more uses for them. I didn’t think of this example applying though.