Check for updates not working,


I want to update core to v 2023.2.3 so I click, check for updates,
but I get the message “no updates found.”

and the log shows some update issue about 2 esphome devices which are irrelevant to the matter.

Logger: homeassistant.helpers.entity_component
Source: helpers/
First occurred: 18:36:54 (8 occurrences)
Last logged: 18:39:25

Forced update failed. Entity update.debug_32_firmware not found.
Forced update failed. Entity update.dryer_firmware not found.

current versions are

 Core 2024.2.2
Supervisor 2024.02.0
Operating System 11.5
Frontend 20240207.1

either I expect the wrong thing or something is not working.

It takes time before a release becomes generally available. The code for 2024.2.3 was published about 2 hours ago.


It then has to go through a process that creates docker containers. Home Assistant checks an index of available releases and that index is updated only when the containers are available (or thereabouts).

If you’re one of the minority who runs the pure-python version of Home Assistant then you can upgrade as soon as its code is published. For the vast majority who run the docker version (Home Assistant OS, Home Assistant Supervised, or Home Assistant Container) you have to wait until they become available.


I may be wrong but I believe this may be the index it references.

At this point in time, it indicates 2024.2.2.


Here’s a link showing the current status of the build process.

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thnx for the extended response.
normally I don’t update directly after a release but I try to keep restarts to a minimum and I need to restart for another reason and noticed the new release on github. so I thought I could combine, and I still can, I only need to wait a little bit longer.

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